I've been a member with Beat Generals since mid-2012. So I've seen the site grow a lot. Not only has the quality of my music improved, but I've also learned more about the music industry and working with artists from these guys as well. With Beat Generals, you get great HD tutorials, awesome support and a community of other producers to network with. So if you use FL Studio or just want to learn how to improve your sound (no matter what level you're at) then I would definitely recommend Beat Generals!

Olivia H.
I've been making beats since 2006 and I was strictly a sampled based producer. When I decided to expand my music and get more into original compositions, I joined Beat Generals about 2 months into that foray and immediatley saw, heard, and got feedback on much my music started progessing in that arena. Beat Generals offers great tutorials on different styles of making music, insight into what vst's are good, and shows you many tricks and tips that alot of industry producers use that I wouldn't have learned if it wasn't for them. They got 24 hour customer service so, if you have a specific question regarding music production, they can help you and put you in the right direction.

Sincere Noble
I just wanted to contact you all and personally say thanks for putting this site together. It has helped me so much in the past couple of weeks. My tracks were 90 percent there, but your information has taken me to 100! Specifically your methods on layering instruments and your explanations of the reasons why you are layering. It is just like the lights went on and I can see so much clearer. I used to get stuck sometimes and sit at the computer for 3 hours just trying to come up with a counter melody...After watching the bulk of your advanced tutorials I now have cut my production time by 2-3 hours a track.

I would also like to add that your lessons translate well to other DAW's. I personally use Studio One V2 because I enjoy its routing capabilities. Everything you teach in FL, I am able to apply in S1, but I must say that I am very jealous of that Strum option, i used to use it alot on my Fantom when I had one.

Anyhow, great job with the site and hopefully you all can expand the content into different genres like EDM...Some mainroom house and dubstep tutorials would be epic.

I'm a newbie member and I think this site is AWESOME!!!!!!!! In the matter of days, I have gone from sounding like roody poo to sounding like I'm going to officially have a career in music. Thank You!

Anonymous (Did not want name revealed)
Your tutorials have helped me enormously. NOWHERE else on the web could I find someone who could just sit down and explain the process from beginning to end in a clear and concise way. So I just want to give you all some appreciation because you jump started my production career, and took the mystery out of beat making, and made it into something real that can be accomplished.

Isaac A.
Thanks for all the help. Your site is not one of the best....it is the best tutorial site I have found...from the content to the support. I can honestly say that I will gladly pay the monthly fee for the services offered.

Steel M.
I'm new to the site, I just started my membership this week and so far I am really enjoying it. I've been playing around on fl studio for almost six months, fooling around on youtube with their pointless tutorials. And to tell you the truth, I've learned more in the beginner section than I have in all 6 months, thank you.

William M.
Hey man, first of all I just want to say that I absolutely love the site. It's great to see someone who knows what they're talking about do exactly what I'm trying to do. I was recently going through a rough point where I was sick of producing because I was lacking inspiration and none of my tracks 'popped'. Now I have so much inspiration, so many ideas, and can't stay away from my computer! I have so much more confidence in myself, my sound, and just my production overall. I'm currently trying to find the money for that T-Minus drum kit...haha. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you and keep it up! I appreciate it.

Wassup Beat Generals?!!

The first time when I knew Beat Generals, it was the 12/17/2012 at 9:41 pm exactly (lol)! At the beginning I thought that it was a joke seeing all the quality contents that the site proposed! But IT'S TRUE!!! #AWESOME #DOPE #CRAZY

I'm from France, I admit that I don't still understand everything during tutorials, but the music is universal and for one year I largely evolved and my beats also. Beat Generals has me allowed to discover again genre and to understand the music and a new way of conceiving my beats.

Sometimes, I wonder why Beat Generals makes all this magnificent job for us for a small price...

Long life to Beat Generals!! #BOSS

Lecointre F.